Adult Dog Training sessions
in Gwent and Monmouthshire

Special workshops for Adult dogs

We run special dog training workshops which focus on specific issues which may be of interest to owners of adult dogs.

If you need help with an issue that is not covered here get in touch or read about our 1 to 1 private dog training sessions.
Dog walking on lead

Loose Lead Walking Workshop 

Does your dog pull on the lead? Are you tired of having sore arms or worse still, being pulled over?

Do these examples ring a bell?
  • He pulls to get to the car to go for walks
  • He pulls to get to greet another other dog in the street, or class.
  • He pulls you to the lady across the street and she tells him how lovely he is even though now, he is not JUST pulling, but is also jumping up with his muddy paws, to which she replies, “it’s OK, I don’t mind!”
Does this sound familiar? 

Daisy Dog Training offers a workshop to help improve your dog’s ‘on-lead’ behaviour. Learn how to teach your dog to walk on a loose lead using various kind, force free methods.


Please bring a good standard lead and collar. No half check collars or Chain link leads and no flexileads please.

Dates, times, venues and costs for Adult Dog Loose Lead Walking Workshop

Dog not coming back when called

Recall Workshop

  • Does your dog have selective hearing?
  • Does it take ages before your dog eventually comes back to you – if at all?
  • Does your dog ignore your calls?
  • As soon as you remove the lead, does your dog run off at break speed?
  • Do you have to wait around until your dog decides it’s time to go home?
  • Does your dog run up to other people and their dogs when out on walks?

If you answer is YES to the above, this workshop is for you!

Being able to effectively recall your dog at any time, is very important for the safety for you and your dog, as well as others around you. Recall is all about being a responsible dog owner.

Many owners fail to teach a reliable recall simply because they haven’t taught the key elements required for a successful recall! It is vital that you work on the fundamental parts of recall before you can start to train the actual recall itself. On our recall workshops and crash courses, we will share with you our tried and tested recall strategies for speedy, successful recall training, regardless of your dogs age.


Dates, times, venues and costs for Adult Dog Recall Workshop

How to book these workshops

Please email with your dog’s name, breed, age, and any medical conditions that the dog has. I will email back with dates, times and payment details.

Fab class, great instructor!

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If you are having any problems with your dog, we offer adult dog training sessions and solutions.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Mabel as a dog
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