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Hi, I’m Caroline! As an experienced dog trainer, I believe that kindness, patience and understanding are an integral foundation for a happy, healthy dog. It is a privilege to share our lives with our canine companions, mine is shared with a full-of-life spaniel and a laidback labrador.

Caroline, dog trainer and her dogs

At Daisy Dog Training, we are dedicated to finding solutions for behavioural issues and developing communications between you and your dog. My years of experience with dogs includes:

  • Volunteering at Local Rescue Organisations
  • Teaching Puppy and Adolescent Dog Classes
  • Working as a Veterinary Nursing Assistant

Working with dogs of all breeds, ages, and behaviours, I have found that the most effective training solutions are modern, science-based methods, grounded in reward-based positive reinforcement. Constantly improving my dog training skills, I regularly attend training courses, workshops, and seminars held by leading animal scientists and expert dog trainers.

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Daisy – My First Puppy

Daisy taught me that I selected the perfect breed for me, she was very active and a quick learner, the perfect partnership. She was house trained using kind, force-free reward training, and loved a ball over every other distraction. Daisy had a great recall and a trusting relationship with me within a few weeks. We shared life and explored new places together and had an amazing relationship.

Daisy Dog
Finley the cat

Finley – My first Rescue Cat

Finley taught us all that he needed safe spaces up high within the house and that chasing him would not be tolerated by him nor rewarded by humans.

We integrated all the animals successfully, slowly and with a watchful eye.

Mabel – My second puppy

I thought I knew it all, but I didn’t! By the age of two she had become reactive towards most other dogs. A trip to the vets proved nothing medical was causing the behaviour, so my research started to find a behavioural solution.

She taught me the methods that helped her cope with life in the presence of other unfamiliar dogs. She taught me the subtleties of dog body language so I can now try and predict whether she wants to say hello to other dogs, if she can tolerate their presence or she simply wants to move away and enjoy her own space.

Mabel as a Puppy
Archie the puppy

Archie – My first Rehomed Dog

Archie was an 18 month old adolescent boy when we brought him home. He taught me patience. All the toys were his – all at once! A lot were swallowed resulting in several vet visits. We learned to play swap, and in time he could give up toys and not swallow them, safe in the knowledge that he would get them back after dropping them

He is a sensitive timid boy and needs to make his own decisions in his own time to let his confidence build. He taught me to ask for his consent for petting and handling and he now approaches me and asks for and enjoys affection. Any loud noises in the house and he is off to a quiet room, using his flight option when worry sets in. A tight body wrap/vest helped him with feeling safe in new busy environments. He lets me know if things are getting too much for him and he taught me to read dog body language so I could help move him away from situations where he is uncomfortable.

My qualifications, accreditations and experience

  • Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT UK Member 01461)
  • Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT Member 2907250)
  • Volunteer at the Blue Cross Newport Rehoming and Advice Centre
Caroline training dog
  • Managing Behaviour Problems, Craig Ogilvie
  • Canine First Aid, IMDT
  • Loose Leaders and Happy Recallers, IMDT
  • Tellington Touch Practitioner (3-Day Workshop)
  • ‘Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour’, OCN Level 3, IMDT
  • Pro Dog Trainer Certified
  • ‘Learning, Motivation & Reinforcement – Understanding & Working with Canine Behaviour’, OCN Level 3
  • International Association of Dog Parkour: Instructor Course 
  • ‘Giving Training Back to the Animals’, Chirag Patel
  • ‘The Science of Predation and Drive’, The School of Canine Science
  • ‘Reactivity: Dispelling the Myths, Empowering the Dog’, Kemal Fernandez
  • ‘Canine Aggression and Rehabilitation’, ‘Canine Body Language’, ‘Train the Trainer’, IMDT
  • ‘Learning Theory’, Nando Brown
  • ‘Dog Law’ by Trevor Cooper Solicitors, Doglaw Ltd
  • ‘The National Dog Bite Prevention and Behaviour Conference’. Hosted by Victoria Stilwell.
  • ‘Understanding Dog to Dog Communications’, Sarah Whitehead
  • ‘Behavioural and Training Problems’ and ‘The Fastest, Quickest, Most Effective and – Enjoyable Way to Train Your Puppy/Dog’, (2-day Workshop) Dr Ian Dunbar
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